LIFE is Good Conference


One of my favorite things that happens in spring is the LIFE is Good Conference!

“The LIFE is Good Unschooling Conference exists to:

  • offer clear, comprehensive information about unschooling, what it takes to be successful, and how it relates to all aspects of life and the family dynamic
  • provide a space for practicing unschoolers to refresh their understanding, renew their own commitments, and form deeper connections and friendships
  • provide a safe place for questioning and support for positive change
  • provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere for unschooling families to create and participate in fun, family oriented activities
  • help children have better lives”

This year my partner Nathan and I will be hosting one of the funshops with our 3 children. We will be teaching the art of sticker making! One of my favorite ways to express thoughts, discuss society and spread the joy of art is through stickers and Portland has a diverse and thriving street art scene. We will be discussing how street art is the voice of the people, and how it gives us a look into the subcultures created by colonialism and capitalism. We are providing basic instruction on stickers and stencils and providing adhesive paper, markers and scissors. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own art supplies to add their own style. Useful supplies include: blank plastic/paper stencil sheets, letter/object stencils, artist carving blocks, cutting/carving tools, stamps/inks, rollers, all mediums from paint to ink to crayons. Hope to see you there!

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